Aimee and Mitch planned the most beautiful, intimate elopement at Taylors Falls - and lucked out by choosing the warmest and sunniest day in November. I think it was a sign ✨ These two actually had their very first date at Taylor's Falls a few years ago, and announced they were expecting a baby there as well (due in January!!), so it was the perfect location for them to say their vows, share their love, and make it official in the company of their closest family members - and of course their sweet rescue pup Wally, who showed up dressed for the occasion in a sharp tie.

We started on the Minnesota side in a little quiet corner of the park, overlooking the bluffs and the churning river. You never would have known how full the parking lot was or how many people were meandering around, enjoying the last nice day of the year - we were in our own little world. After a charming ceremony and a champagne toast (juice for Aimee, of course!), the newlyweds and I crossed over to the Wisconsin side for a little hike through the woods (which, might I point out, Aimee achieved in a wedding dress and heels, 7 months pregnant) until we reached the stunning cliff overviews. The sun was setting at juuust the right moment and man, did it make for some ✨magic✨.

It was a sweet, warm, peaceful, and love-filled evening in the park - one of my highlights of 2020 for sure.