Ice Cream In October? Sure!

You know it's going to be a fun session when you text your clients 30 minutes ahead of time asking "would it be really weird if we got ice cream and took pictures?" and they respond back "let's do it!" (in the fall... at 4:00pm).

But honestly, Annie and Johnny were so fun. We started at Lake Nokomis with Elsie - their 80+ pound rescue who they lovingly compare to a holstein (I mean, the resemblance is uncanny) - and wrapped up with some ice cream at Grand Ol' Creamery. It would have felt like the quintessential Minnesota summer day if it weren't October!

Funny story: Annie reached out to me because we both went to St. Ben's and her good friend was actually my freshmen year RA! If you know anything about St. Ben's, you know it's "tradition" that Bennies marry Johnnies (the men who go to our partner school, St. Johns (Yes there are two campuses, no it wasn't weird!!)). Johnny unfortunately did not go to St. John's, so I had to tease them a little bit since Annie is marrying a Johnny, but not a Johnny.

Anyway, Annie and Johnny were the very first couple to actually book me to shoot their wedding and I couldn't have lucked out with a better pair. These two are kind, patient, open to my weird urges and most importantly, so in love! I am so excited to be there next August to document their day. This gig is really special sometimes.