How about that wind?

When it started to snow last week, I knew I had to do some sessions and take advantage of that clean, clean powder. And I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot.

I had stumbled across this tiny, not super well-known park in St. Paul on Instagram and have had it on my mind since I scrolled past it in my feed.

So I reached out to Emilie and Ben and told them to meet me at this park. Sounds great, right?

Nope. Guys. Do you know where you don't want to be in the winter during a snow storm? Right next to a huge body of water. The wind was INSANEEEE.

Oh my gosh I felt so bad for Emilie and Ben. But Emilie grew up in Duluth, and these two are trueee Minnesotans so they didn't even bat an eye (meanwhile I had on two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, fleece and jacket and heavy duty boots. I'm a baby. It's fine!).

This was one of those sessions where editing was SO HARD because there were so many options to choose from. But when you get two people like Emilie and Ben in front of the camera, it makes my job so easy!

So Em and Ben - thanks for braving the cold with me!