When Katie first approached me to photograph her family, she did so under the guise of wanting to document her new puppy, River. I was sooo excited for this session - I had seen so many pictures of River and I couldn't wait to meet her! Plus this would be my first session with a dog and I've been dying to do one of these since I started!

Then a few days before the session, Katie came up to me and whispered that she was pregnant. I think I screamed, I was so happy. Long story short, pregnancy didn't come easy for Katie and Matthew and I was so so thrilled to hear that we had some good news to share! Katie later filled me in that she had actually timed this session so we could shoot at just the right point in her pregnancy - the little sneak!

I had so much fun with Katie and Matthew - their love for River, for each other, and little baby K was such a lovely thing to see. I can't wait to meet that little nugget and watch you two become parents!