I know it's a very Minnesota thing to "love" winter, but I DO NOT! I'm sorry, but you can't convince me being cold is nice, or that snow storms don't cause traffic, or that 6 months of needing to wear a jacket is fine. I'm sorry! I know - I'm ready for the Minnesotan shame to come.

That being said, I CAN admit that snow can be pretty, so of course I do love a good winter session - and I have to give Kristen and Ben a lot of credit for joining me in probably the coldest location I've ever shot! What I thought would be a great park (overlooking the Mississippi River) turned out to be a frigid, high-speed wind tunnel. Lesson learned there!

But with these two, you would never know how cold and windy it was. Kristen and Ben were smiling the entire time and didn't complain once. Though they got married three years ago, you'd think their wedding was yesterday - their love was so evident! Let's all be a little more like Kristen and Ben.