The Larrea-Saavedras

My mom asked for one thing for Christmas - updated family photos. For the first time in maybe ten years we were all in town and available at the same time (the real Christmas miracle). Considering my older brother and I are both photographers it would have been a little tough to pretend we couldn't get it done!

So I spent Christmas Eve morning with my mom sprinting through the clothing aisles piecing together outfits for the whole family (because it's not Christmas Eve without stress shopping, am I right?). "Will Julian like this?" "Who knows, just get it" is basically how that conversation went.

After breakfast and presents, we trudged (with three unwilling men in the family, trudged is definitely the right word here) down the street to this little pine tree field, put up the tripod, rubber banded my Nikon to it (because of course I brought everything except the camera mount) set up the 10-second timer for the group shots and prayed for the best. All things considered, not bad! While tripods and timers are great in situations like this, I was happy to get behind the camera again and actually get some real shots of my brothers and my mom.

So what do you think? Do we all look alike?!