When I met Diana for coffee and she told me she and Austin had just bought a house and wanted to do their engagement session there, I was internally jumping up and down! First, because I knew their home would be beautiful (Diana is my best friend's good friend and I just knew it would be good) and second, I'd actually never done an engagement session at home before and I was excited to try it out!

Diana and Austin are the definition of madly in love. Like when you see the cutesy montages in rom coms that show all the lovely little moments you experience when you're in love - yeah these two could star in one of those clips. Listen, I see a LOT of couples that are in love, and I honestly was blown away by how it just oozed out of these two. I LOVED IT!!!!

Oh and the cherry on top? Their wedding is going to be at the Minneapolis Institute of Art next May... swooooooooon.