Ooof what is there to even say about this perfect wedding day at the Minneapolis Institute of Art? I knew after photographing their engagement session that Diana and Austin were maaadly in love and a photographer's dream (I don't even have to say anything for them to look cute and cuddly), but wow I could not have anticipated just how beautiful this day would be!

Every single detail of this day fit together perfectly - a vintage wedding ring, thrifted table settings, and a wedding dress literally named "Paint Strokes" for the unique pattern covering the fabric. And most importantly, two people who came together to share their life, and celebrate that decision with a killer party. Still feels like a dream!


Venue: Minneapolis Institute of Art

Hair Stylist: Pompadour Minneapolis

Wedding Dress: A and Be Bridal Shop

Florals: Style Society

Caterer: Deco Catering

Band: McNasty Brass Band

*(No So) Funny Story: I almost got stuck in Canada the day before Diana and Austin's wedding day! After my flight home from Toronto got cancelled - and with only a certain amount of hours left until the wedding - the control-freak side of me took over and I decided that driving from Toronto to Detroit, and trying to fly home from Detroit was the safest, fastest way home (spoiler alert: I was right!). After a quick 4-hr drive over the border and a 3:00am nap in a McDonald's parking lot, my flight home from Detroit went off without a hitch and I made it home with time to spare! Truly a miracle ;)

Minneapolis Institute of Art Wedding 2022