Wedding detail photos are a beautiful way to capture all of the small (but mighty!) details of your wedding day. I always tell my couples to gather items like jewelry, florals, wedding stationary, and any sentimental trinkets they want photographed ahead of time so that I have time to snap a few pictures while they're getting ready.

Below I'm sharing my favorite things to include in your wedding details photos. PLUS, I'm also sharing what's in my styling kit that you can borrow from on your big day!

what to include in your wedding detail shots

FIRST, I want to make it clear that wedding detail shots are just that - photos of the little details of your wedding! Emphasis on your wedding.

So while I have a list of recommended items to include, these are all optional, and these lists are not all inclusive! If there is something important to you that you want to have included, pack it! If you see something on the lists below that you don't have or don't care about, don't pack it!

I've created these lists to help you as a starting point and to generate ideas of what you'd like to include, but you can make these shots whatever you want them to be!

great to have


Wedding stationary (programs, invites, and save the dates)
Engagement and wedding rings (both bride and groom’s)
Wedding jewelry (necklace, earrings, bracelet, hair pieces, etc)
Bride’s shoes
Groom's shoes
Bride’s bouquet
Any sentimental items!


Put everything in an old shoe box and hand it over to your photographer while you're getting ready. Don't forget to include your rings!


what's in my kit

I loooove detail shots - and because I love them, I've collected several trinkets, ring boxes and ribbons throughout my career to make them even better! Plus, it's the last thing you need to think about on your wedding day AND it's kinda my job to make sure you get a pretty picture ;)

Check out everything in my styling kit below - you can "borrow" any of these items of your big day!


Depending on your wedding colors and your preference, I'll use any of the below ring boxes in your detail photos. If you already have on you want to use, just make sure to add it to your box!

vintage finds

I'm a big vintage guy, so I'm always on the lookout for unique pieces to add to my styling kit. All of these items were found at vintage and antique shops in the Twin Cities!


Ribbon is a fantastic way to add a little color and dimension to your images. Depending on your wedding colors and your preference, I'll use any of the below ribbons in your detail photos.