St. Anthony Main

Easily one of the most popular photo spots in the Cities - for a reason! With views of the river and skyline plus gorgeous cobblestone streets and even a vintage movie theater sign, this is a spot for the romantics.

Boom Island

Boom Island is a surprisingly underrated location if you ask me! It's the perfect spot for the person who loves the city, but also spends their entire weekends outdoors at any Minnesota's many parks, lakes, and riverfronts. Get views of the skyline along the Mississippi, lush trees, and plenty of architectural features to give you more variety.

North Loop

If you want quintessential Warehouse District vibes, the North Loop is the place to go. With tons of interesting architectural pieces like industrial bridges, brick walls, and some twinkly lights, the North Loop is one of my absolute favorite spots to photograph!


Stone Arch Bridge + Mill Ruins Park

The Twin Cities's favorite bridge! The Stone Arch is in an iconic area of Minneapolis - and for good reason! Come here for beautiful views of the skyline, interesting architecture, and a little green too! You can find the Mill Ruins directly below the Stone Arch.


Saint Paul

Shadow Falls Park

It pains me to share this one because it's such a quiet little spot, but it's so great for couples who want "cliff" vibes! Snuggled along the river near St. Thomas, Shadow Falls Park provides some great greenery and stunning views of the river.

Cathedral Hill

Ughhhh this one takes the cake for me - biiiig St. Paul girlie over here. I'll never get enough of the Victorian architecture, lush ivy, and bright colors! Plus every once in a while you can see a little peek of the Cathedral itself  🤍

Hidden Falls Regional Park

Not to be confused with Shadow Falls Park! While I love pairing these two (they're 5 min apart), Hidden Falls will get you access to the riverbank itself! You can walk along the rocky riverbank or follow the sandy path that runs parallel to the river.

Landmark Center

If it's cold, or rainy, or you just want some killer architecture, the Landmark Center is your best option! Head all the way to the top floor to get the best lighting + arch combo, and don't forget to have some fun in the stairway!


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What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

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